Double Glazing

Double glazing is made up by having two panes of glass with a spacer bar around the edges and sealed together. The airspace between the glass panes provides the insulation.

Double glazing in Otago is proving to be a necessity with the vast conditions from the snowy, icy winter days and the grey rainy days through to some of the countries hottest temperatures in summer.
There are several benefits of double glazing:
    •    Improved insulation – warmer in winter, cooler in summer
    •    Lower energy costs – reduce heating cost by retaining heat
    •    Reduce noise – quieter, more relaxing environment
    •    Reduce condensation – for a drier, healthier home
    •    UV protection – reduce UV damage to furnishings
    •    Add value – adds value to home or building
    •    Increase security – optimize the security with double glazed windows and doors

Double Glazing can be made to suit aluminium frames (new and existing), new timber framed windows and doors and also existing timber framed windows and doors (this is called retro fit double glazing). 

Retrofit double glazing involves the removal of the existing window glass and the replacement with a high performance sealed IGU (Insulated Glass Unit/Double glazed unit).

  • If timber is used, the window frame is modified in-situ and fitted with the unique drainage system - Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System with new glazing beads.
  • If the window frame is aluminium, it is provided with a set of frame adaptors and the replacement of opening sashes.

The Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System uses a unique drainage adapter under the double glazing to prevent any moisture sitting around the double glazing. Any moisture sitting around the double glazing will cause the double glazing to breakdown and fail over time This breakdown becomes visible when the moisture starts to build up in between the two panes of glass causing it to fog inside. This can not be fixed, the whole double glazed unit will need replaced. The Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System provides reassurance you will get longevity from your double glazing no matter what the conditions. 

We specialize in double glazing any types of windows and doors for new buildings or existing. We have a unique system for retrofitting existing timber windows and doors. The Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System. This is the only system that ensures the longevity of double glazing. 

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