Glass Types

There is a huge range of glass types available for different effects and practical uses for domestic and commercial properties. Here are the most commonly used glass types we have available.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is Grade A safety glass, designed to hold together when broken. Laminated glass has a layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) in-between the glass layers which keeps the broken glass fragments adhered if shattered.

Due to the PVB layer, laminated glass also provides 99% UV reduction and assists in sound reduction.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass (often referred to as Tempered Glass) is also a Grade A safety glass. Toughened Glass is manufactured through a process of heating and cooling the glass. Once the glass is toughened it has a very high strength, four times that of normal glass. If broken, it will shatter into small, relatively harmless fragments, rather than large shards

Tinted Glass

The most common tinted glass colours are grey, bronze, green and blue. Apart from the overall look of tinted glass, the main purpose of its use is to reduce solar heat gain, UV and glare inside a building.

Obscured/Patterned Glass

There is a variety of options for privacy or effect using frosted glass or patterned glass. Please visit our showroom to view samples.

Painted Glass

Painted glass is a great way to co-ordinate a space with your own chosen paint colour. Painted glass is often used for kitchen splashbacks as they are a functional, stain resistant, hygienic and safe. We have also used painted glass for shower and bath wall linings.

Coloured Glass

There are several colours available for light diffusion or decorative purposes. Please visit our showroom to view samples.

Screen Printed Glass

Personalise any space with screen printed glass. Screen printed glass is a unique way to display artwork or images. Screen printed glass is often used as a kitchen splashback.

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass can be used to decorate any modern or classic type space, for a purely visual effect or for privacy.

Glass Blocks

A range of glass blocks are available for uses such as walls and floors. The range includes clear, patterned and textured finishes.

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass has a liquid crystal layer in-between two sheets of laminated glass. The glass changes from clear to obscured with the flick of a switch. It could be used for office spaces, projection screens, displays and architectural features. A very impressive feature for any space! Switchable glass also provides good acoustic properties.


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