Low E Glass

For greater thermal performance, the incorporation of Low E glass (Low Emissivity Glass) should be considered especially in the colder climate zones throughout NZ. Low E glass improves the insulating performance of a double glazed unit as it traps the heat inside the building.

The Low E coating is normally placed on surface 3 (inside) of the double glazed unit which retains the buildings internal heat while still letting solar heat gain through. Low E glass allows light to enter, while also providing a high level of thermal insulation. The use of Low E glass together with Argon gas will achieve the maximum thermal performance of a double glazed unit.

It should be noted that some Low E products have a slight colour. Please contact us for further light transmission details.

Low E Glass Types

There are different types Low E glass available, some that are even more efficient than triple glazing, for both cost and performance.

Low E Max - U Value 1.71 - High clarity, low haze. More insulating than plain glass with moderate protection from fading and glare

Low E Xcel - U Value 1.35 - Highest performance and clarity for optimal insulation with minimal condensation.

Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) type

Heat Loss Reduction

(Dependant on glass thickness and airspace between the panes of glass)

Low E and Argon

71% – 77%

71% – 77%

47% – 54%

Single Glazing (1-4mm clear glass)

0% – 1%


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