Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is made in a similar way to double glazing but uses three panels of glass to create two airspaces. It provides excellent insulating performance but does have disadvantages.

  • due to the extra thickness of the unit, they require an extra wide frame
  • they let very little solar heat through
  • the light transmission can be quite low due to the thickness of the three panels of glass
  • in most cases retrofitting can not be done with triple glazing 

There are a few products now available that are more efficient than triple glazing, for both cost and performance. These are  'coatings' applied to the glass during manufacturing called Low Emissivity Glass (Low E glass).

See our Low E Glass info page for me details.

Technical specifications, including U values and light transmission details are available from us.

Come and see us to discuss the most suitable option for your home of business, or for more information.

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