The Thermawood Otago Team

Together, the Thermawood Otago team has a diverse range of skills and experience. We have highly experienced, certified timber joiners, glaziers and an aluminium fabricator. All of the Thermawood Otago tradesman take pride in quality workmanship and the quality materials we use as well as a collective approach to customer satisfaction.

We are proudly locally owned and operated, offering the most advanced double glazing system for existing timber joinery to Dunedin and the wider Otago region.

Matt Lamb

Well over 20 years of experience in the glass and joinery industry to call on is re-assurance that Thermawood Otago only provides the highest quality materials and workmanship.
Matt has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the  glass industry from household re-glazes, splash-backs and double glazing, through to the most technical, engineered glazing systems for industrial and commercial properties.
Most of Matt's glazing experience has been working throughout Otago and Southland, this is why Matt is so passionate about the Thermawood Retrofit Double Glazing System as a product, as it has been tested to the highest standards to withstand and last through the toughest conditions. "An innovative double glazing system which has been proven, while maintaining the original aesthetic of a home".

Kelly Austin - Installations Manager Dunedin

Kelly has in depth knowledge and many years of hands on experience as a tradesmen timber joiner. He keeps the workflow in order and maintains our excellent quality workmanship.

Daryl Chaplin - Business Manager Dunedin

Daryl has extensive knowledge and experience in the glazing industry. Daryl is the glass expert, he knows glass in every way shape, form and function. Daryl can speak to you about anything and everything glass!

Hamish McKay - Branch Manager Central Otago

Hamish is a well trained, experienced and knowledgeable timber joiner. His trade knowledge and passion for the Central  Otago region has lead him to this role. He is very down to earth and has an impeccable eye for detail in his work.

Contact the team at Thermawood Otago to discuss your glazing requirements or ideas and we can find the best glass solution for you!

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